Runtastic celebrates 5th birthday & 95 million app downloads with "Week of Weight Loss"

Runtastic Teams Up with MyFitnessPal to Offer Consumers Health & Fitness Tips for Losing Weight

Linz/Austria – October 1, 2014 – This month, Runtastic celebrates 95 million app downloads, 45 million registered users and five successful years of business. In recognition of these achievements, Runtastic is hosting the “Week of Weight Loss,” to provide their worldwide community with a variety of engaging material on a topic that the greatest segment of the Runtastic community identifies as a top health & fitness goal. And to make the week even more valuable, Runtastic has enlisted the help of MyFitnessPal, a respected partner and fellow industry leader, to provide additional weight loss insights and nutrition information. Runtastic encourages users and fans to get involved by using the hashtag #RuntasticWOW throughout the week of October 5-12.

“We’re incredibly proud to find ourselves in our current position,” said Florian Gschwandtner, Runtastic CEO and Co-Founder. “In late 2009, I had a head full of ideas, a car that just wouldn’t work and a bike that was my main mode of transportation, even on the snowiest days of the Austrian winter! Now fast-forward five years. To be a mobile health and fitness market leader, have such an engaged, international community and lead our incredibly motivated, dynamic team is truly a privilege.”

The Road to Success

In October 2009, four young professionals from Austria decided to combine a shared idea and unique expertise to create Runtastic. Five years later and the boys have established something of a mobile powerhouse in Linz, Austria. Runtastic offers eager users not only highly-rated apps, but also proprietary hardware and an active online community on The company has also grown from the original staff of five to a team of over 100 members, hailing from over 20 nations. Satellite offices in San Francisco and Vienna also allow Runtastic to collaborate with major industry partners with ease.

“We’ve come a long way,” said Gschwandtner. “I’m grateful to everyone who’s been involved and I will never forget the early weeks and months - there’s a lot to be learned in those early days of uncertainty!”

Runtastic also celebrates 95 million downloads and 45 million registered users this month.

Runtastic Week of Weight Loss

To recognize the achievements of recent years and encourage the loyal Runtastic community to break a sweat and burn those calories, Runtastic has organized the Week of Weight Loss during the week of October 5-12. A variety of new content and activities, all related to losing a few pounds, developing healthy habits and having fun along the way, have been prepared by the Runtastic team to help users continue their weight management journey or get that kick start they’ve been searching for.

“We know – based on annual surveys and ongoing user feedback – that the majority of our users are looking to lose a few pounds, whether it’s their primary goal or more of a tertiary goal,” said Gschwandtner. “That’s why the topic is front and center during this time of celebration. Without our incredible users, nothing would be possible and we want to thank and reward them with a ton of new content, tools for success and fitness-focused activations!”

In-depth information, including YouTube videos, recipes and blog content, will be posted throughout the week at Participants are also welcome to “attend” the Week of Weight Loss via Runtastic’s Facebook event where they can offer one another support in the form of personal posts, engaging photos and encouraging comments. Users are asked to track their exercise activities with Runtastic’s suite of apps, count calories with MyFitnessPal, and share their accomplishments on their favorite social platforms using #RuntasticWOW.

To help people prepare, links for all included workouts and recipes suggested meals can be found below:

Sunday, Oct. 5

Monday, Oct. 6

Tuesday, Oct. 7

Wednesday, Oct. 8

Thursday, Oct. 9

*Note: 12-Minute Total Body requires weights. If you do not have weights you can use water bottles, canned food, water bottles filled with sand/mud.

Friday, Oct. 10

Saturday, Oct. 11

About Runtastic

Runtastic company information:

Founded in 2009, Runtastic has rapidly grown into an innovative suite of apps, products and services that track and manage health and fitness data to motivate individuals to get in shape, stay healthy and improve overall fitness.

With more than 140 million downloads worldwide and 70 million registered users on, Runtastic’s mobile applications sync directly with proprietary hardware to track distance, speed, pace, time, heart rate, calorie consumption and route traveled (via maps) when running, biking or engaging in other exercise activities. The results can then be viewed directly within the app, via Runtastic GPS devices or on where users can view their online training log, get detailed data analysis and compare with others. Whether you are a novice or an athlete, Runtastic makes exercise easy and fun.